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About Tina

I grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles. I experienced life as a little sister in an intact family, life with a single mom, and life with stepparents. I was a babysitter, an avid performer and the shoulder my friends sought out when they needed a good cry. Later, from the perspective of a college student, studying psychology and child development at UC Santa Cruz, I got to see my much younger brother and sister being raised by my dad and stepmother.

I met my husband, Jeff, while we were both working at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. I earned my Psychology BA from UCSC and then, from New College of California, a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Feminist Psychology.

I have been doing parenting coaching in one form or another since 1999, first as a social worker with Aspira Foster Family Agency, where I worked with abused and neglected children and their foster parents, as well as children with developmental disabilities and their parents.

After my first child was born, I became an Accredited Support Group Leader with Attachment Parenting International. I founded Monterey Bay Parenting in 2010 and supported parents through support groups and other family events as a volunteer until 2017, when I opened by practice as a parenting educator and parenting coach.

Jeff and I have raised two kids, now young adults, who amaze us with their creativity, integrity and compassion.

Parenting is my passion. I love learning more about what kids need, and I love sharing what I learn with other parents. I want us all to parent fabulously and raise amazing kids who will be the kind of resilient, compassionate, civic- (and world-) minded people we need in the next generation!

I am a Certified Attached at the Heart Parenting Educator, personally trained by its creators, API co-founders, Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker.

My life’s mission is to improve the wellbeing and humanity of the next generation through parenting education and support.

Here’s What My Clients Are Saying…

Tina has been a consistent and solid support for me and by extension, my son. Her presence is deeply compassionate, caring and gentle. Her willingness to listen fully is beyond compare. I am so grateful for her invaluable wisdom and moral support that have contributed so greatly to the well-being of my son and me, in our relationship and individually.

Mary Jane