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Parenting teens doesn’t have to be (that) hard…

The teen years (often starting in the tween years) are a time of great brain reorganization and development, much like the toddler years. Also like in the toddler years, your kids are in the mode of seeking independence, exploration, novelty and risk-taking. And their emotions are intense and often overwhelming. All of this can leave parents feeling worried, confused, overwhelmed and grieving for the sweet relationship they used to have with their kids.

If you’re butting heads with your teen, no matter what’s in your heart, to them, you’re going to feel like an adversary. I would love to help you understand and work with your teens’ development, so that preparing them for adulthood feels (to you and them) like a team effort!

Here’s What My Clients Are Saying…

Last night was one of the most pleasant evenings I have had with my teenage kids in a very long time. We were able to sit down and quietly and respectfully have a wonderful conversation about expectations (school, extra curricular activities, friends, etc) and curfews. I greatly attribute this to the information that we learned in Tina’s workshop this last weekend (what to do instead, guiding kids and teens with empathy and trust). I will definitely be continuing to work with Tina to help me guide my kids in the years to come!

Jenny C