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Do we need to teach babies how to sleep?

Surprised looking baby

Babies don’t need to be taught how to sleep. They’ve been doing it since they were in the womb. Babies and their parents have been making it through the night with enough sleep for millennia. It’s our society that has forgotten how.

We can’t make them sleep more than they need, we can only train them to not call out to us when they need us. Is that what we really want to do?

Parents can find a healthy balance between their own needs for sleep and their babies’ nighttime needs by listening to their babies and their own instincts. Usually, what the baby wants is what the baby needs, and going with the baby’s flow is the best way for everyone to get the best sleep.

I can help parents get in the flow with their baby, and I can help if things get a little more complicated. I won’t ask you to sacrifice your breastfeeding goals or your attachment bond to the myth of sleeping-through-the-night or the misguided goal of solitary sleep. I will offer you science-based information about baby sleep and help you find solutions to meet everybody’s nighttime needs.

As your kids grow, their nighttime needs will change, (not to mention naps!) and your routines will need to change too. Some transitions will be smooth. Some could do with a bit of help.

Whatever struggles you have with sleep, I am here for you.

Here’s What My Clients Are Saying…

“I took my family to Tina’s sleep workshop – and my family is sleeping like pros (with our infant.) I haven’t gotten this much sleep since before I went to college.” 

Nihal K