McRorie Parenting


Mother holding newborn baby

Transitions can be hard. I can help make them smooth.

Whether you’re just becoming a parent for the first time, bringing home baby #2, or watching your baby turn into a toddler, transitions can be fun, but challenging.

Some changes can shake your world. If you’re going through a divorce, loss, move or physical or mental health challenge, extra support will help your whole family thrive.

Other changes are more mundane, but challenging nonetheless. Weaning, toilet learning, starting daycare or school – these changes affect your whole family as well, and a little extra support will go a long way.

I provide science-based information and empathic guidance to parents. I encourage them to trust their intuition and trust their children. I can help you at any point of transition in your parenting journey so you feel confident in making decisions that will work for you and your growing family.

Here’s What My Clients Are Saying…

Tina is a wealth of wisdom, compassion, understanding, and excellent advice for parents of children of all ages. Using the Attached at the Heart Parenting guidelines, she offers one-on-one as well as classes and workshops. Her goal is to help parents raise compassionate children, and her work is extraordinary. I highly recommend learning as much as possible from Tina about parenting!

Julz M