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Giving Young Children the Nurturing Care They Need

Why are our babies so dependent? And what do they need from us to grow into adults with healthy independence? Some think that pushing them to become independent as early as possible is the best course, but science says different. Children are dependent for a reason. It’s our job to meet those dependency needs, so they can grow out of them.

Join me for this 90 minute workshop and learn how you can give your infants and young children the kind of care they need to grow and thrive.

Next Session: Saturday, August 13th, 10-11:30am PDT

$20-$40 donation to Survivors Healing Center


What to Do Instead: Guiding Kids and Teens with Empathy and Trust

As parents, we want to raise the kind of people that can not only be functioning members of society, but can tackle the big problems the current generation is failing to solve. We know that the old ways of harsh discipline and unrealistic expectations don’t work anymore (and may not have been very good in the first place). So what do we do instead?

Join me for this 90 minute workshop and learn positive, effective ways to guide your children. Who knows, you may even find your entire parenting paradigm shifting.

Next Session: Saturday, August 27th, 10-11:30am PDT

$20-$40 donation to Survivors Healing Center


Win-Win Sleep Solutions
Infants sleep differently than adults, but we can learn to get along. It’s really not that hard if we dump some of our cultural baggage around sleep and independence.
Join me for this 90 minute workshop and unlearn some cultural myths and learn healthy ways to balance the nighttime needs of everybody in your family.
Next Session: Saturday, October 15th, 10-11:30am PDT

From Only to Older: Helping Your First Child Adjust to Being a Sibling

Going from being the only child to being an older sibling is tough on every first child, but there are things parents can do to help the love of their life feel secure through this transition.

Join me for this 90 minute workshop and learn ways you can help your firstborn feel less jealousy and displacement, feel understood and accepted, and build a warm and playful sibling relationship.

Next Session: TBA

Raising Rebels: Moving Beyond the Goal of Obedience

We don’t need more obedient adults. We don’t need another generation of people who were taught to color inside the lines and think inside the box. We won’t survive it.

So why is so much of the child rearing and discipline advice being given to parents (often uninvited) still geared to teach children to be compliant and obedient? Much of that advice comes from a place of mistrust in the inherent goodness of humanity, and flat-out fear. And it serves to preserve the power dynamics that are serving our species and our planet so poorly. Let’s teach our kids to  think for themselves, question authority, and imagine a way to live in the world that is not only more sustainable, but also more equitable, just and peaceful. I know that sometimes we just want our kids to do what we say, because we are overwhelmed, but if we change the way we look at them and learn some new skills, we can raise the kind of rebels who will change the world – and – who we will enjoy living with!

Join me for this 90 minute workshop and learn strategies for raising healthy, resilient humans with the authenticity, agency, compassion and courage that the future stewards of our planet need to have.

Next Session: TBA

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