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I believe that the way we raise our children can change the world. Most people I talk to want a world with more empathy, compassion and justice. We want our neighbors and our leaders to think about how their actions affect the world around us and other people, especially people with less power.

One of the most important ways we can raise children to be better neighbors and better leaders, is to be the kind of people we want them to be, to treat people – including them – the way we want them to treat people.  Modeling is the most powerful teaching tool we have.

What makes our kids want to follow our examples – and our directions – is the quality of our relationships with them. This is the focus of my work with parents.

Child development researchers know that children grow up to be resilient and compassionate adults when their parents:

♥ Strengthen the emotional bond with their children
♥ Act consciously in their parenting
♥ Make informed decisions about their children’s care
♥ Show their children empathy and respect
♥ Overcome everyday challenges by working with their children’s developmental needs

Attachment Parenting International has been bringing the ever-growing wealth of research informed by Attachment Theory to parents through local support groups and online publications since 1994.

Now, to reach more parents and caregivers, API has created the Attached at the Heart Online Parenting Program.

I teach it because I believe it can change our world.