McRorie Parenting

Kind Words

Tina McRorie is a committed, very passionate parenting coach and educator who truly believes in changing our world starting with the primal relationship between parent and child. As a birthworker and postpartum wellness provider, I am proud to work alongside Tina and refer my clients and any soon-to-be parents to Tina to help birth healthy, balanced families and a healthy future for us all.

Ana H

When I met with Tina she provided me great tips on how to thrive through the changes my children are going through as they approach adolescence. She combines intuition, common sense, and extensive training. Her insights are spot on. I loved our session and look forward to attending her upcoming seminars.

Cathy L

Tina has been a consistent and solid support for me, and by extension, my son. Her presence is deeply compassionate, caring and and gentle. Her willingness to listen fully is beyond compare. I am so grateful for her invaluable wisdom and moral support that have contributed so greatly to the well-being of my son and me, in our relationship and individually.

Mary J

Tina is a wealth of wisdom, compassion, understanding, and excellent advice for parents for children of all ages. Using the Attached at the Heart Parenting guidelines, she offers one-on-one as well as classes and workshops. Her goal is to help parents raise compassionate children, and her work is extraordinary. I highly recommend learning as much as possible from Tina about parenting!

Juli M

My daughter is 18 months old and my mom is not around to give me support. I’m so glad I’ve found Tina! Tina has a heart of gold. I love that she is so approachable. I never feel talked down to or preached to. Tina listens to my stories and questions and offers her knowledge, experience, and insight. I feel that she is genuinely interested in me, my family, and our journey. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for some additional, personalized guidance and support in any phase of their parenting experience.

Carolyn O

If you want to have a positive relationship with your kids, one where your kids look to you for guidance regardless of what they are dealing with, you should hire Tina. She teaches parents how to have thriving relationships with their kids starting from pregnancy through high school. Call her today, you will NOT regret it!

Ashley M

I experience Tina as authentic, experienced, and loving with a sense of humor. She’s seen it all and is in a great position to help parents and new parents show up to the most important job: raising the future.

Magali M

Tina is wonderful! She believes in compassionate, conscious, communicative, and connected parenting and how this can result in healthier children and a better world. She presents her information with humor and warmth.

Juliette G

If you’re looking for a caring and heart-centered parenting coach then I highly recommend Tina with all your parenting needs. Pre and Postpartum.

Tricia M

Tina is helping new parents learn how to start off on the right path in bonding with their new child. Especially for first-time parents, she is a resource that you will be so thrilled you found her.

Kathy A